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Too long we’ve been denying, now we’re both tired of trying
We hit a wall and we can’t get over it.
Nothing to relive, it’s water under the bridge
You said it, I get it;
I gues it is what it is.

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"You’ve been out of it lately. Is everything alright?" 

"Everything’s fine. It’s just something I saw the other day."

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So if f(x) could choose somebody else to have the photoshoot with for the album, who would they choose? (has to be outside of SM)

Sulli: Lee Seungi

Krystal: I’m satisfied (as in satisfied with Kai being in the photoshoot)

Victoria chose Song Seungki (?)

Krystal: I don’t have anyone in mind.

Luna: Lee Jongsuk?

Krystal: (laughs) No.

Cr: Kkabbekky


terms for penis you should not use in fics:

  • love stick
  • doinker
  • schlong
  • wankie
  • ding dong
  • 100% all-beef thermometer
  • bologna pony
  • stinky pickle
  • magic wand
  • divine rod
  • love muscle
  • power drill
  • captain winky
  • yogurt slinger
  • DNA rifle 

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"What if the way we started made it something cursed from the start?" — listen

to: ellie
from: your secret santa
merry christmas!

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Don’t you ever say I just walked away,                              

I will always want you

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Don’t you ever say I just walked away,                              

I will always want you

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and i’ve been a fool and i’ve been blind
i can never leave the past behind
i can see no way, i can see no way 

it’s always darkest before the dawn (x)

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Y O U   A S K   M E   T O   S T A Y . [listen]

a 6th/7th year, or war mix for Draco and Hermione. an angst.

gone, i’m gone - anais mitchell feat. the haden / medicine - daughter / what he wrote - laura marling / luv - sarah jaffe / the enemy - mumfor & sons / there is no escape - raised by swans / o master susanne sundfør / duet - philip glass

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